Suitcase Buyers Guide

Shopping for a suitcase might seem reasonably straight forward and it is but there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first thing you need to realise is that of course not all bags are made the same. Lucky for you all of the suitcases are top quality no matter which one that you pick! 

Some of things you need to consider when shopping for a suitcase are size, weight, durability, storage and transport. Luckily Kono suitcases have excellent transport with 4 x 360 degree moving wheels and side handles on most of our models of suitcases.


Obviously this is a good starting point when shopping for a new suitcase. Do you need a cabin sized bag for short trips or do you need a medium or XL bag (20kg+) for those longer trips. If you have a family then you might need one of the medium or XL bags for the family luggage.

Our cabin size bags start at 19 inches which is accepted on almost all airlines as hand luggage. The next size up is the 24 inch range. This is a large sized suitcase and should take up to 20kg. The 28 inch then is the biggest in the Kono range and should be able to take that extra bit more for those longer trips or as a family sized suitcase.


The next thing you need to know is that there are 2 main materials used when making suitcases. They are ABS and PP (polypropylene):

ABS suitcases:

These are a good quality suitcase and suitable for up to 10 trips per year. They are a little bit more affordable than the PP cases without sacrificing much on quality. Our ABS cases are light and strong but if you do travel quite frequently then we would recommend our PP suitcase range.

PP suitcases:

These cases are very strong and also very light. These are recommended for the more frequent traveler as they can take a bit more abuse than the ABS cases. 

All of our suitcases go through strict quality control so you cannot go wrong with either however if you do travel a lot we would point you towards the PP range.