Collection: 28 Inch Suitcases (XL)

23kg Extra large hard shell lightweight suitcase range with 4 wheels:

One of our most popular ranges here at is the 23kg extra large suitcase range. These suitcases are lightweight for their size and come with a 4 wheel base so they are very easy to transport. We have a range of colours available in the extra large 28 inch suitcase range including black, pink, green, purple, blue and orange. These hard shell large suitcases can also be purchased as part of the suitcase set of 3 if you need the other sizes also. These colours are also available in the cabin size suitcase range for carry on luggage. 

The 23kg suitcase range of extra large hard shell suitcases can take over 23kg of luggage. They come with internal compartments for neat packing and come with two handles, one of the top and one of the size. 

Are large 4 wheel suitcase range all come with 4 wheels and the dimensions of the extra large suitcases are 76x49x30cm(All Parts), 69x47x30cm(Body). Capacity: 100L. Weight: 4.12 kg. Nice choice for over one week trip or a trip with the family. We also recommend our polypropylene range of suitcases for the frequent flyer as these are more durable as well as being more lightweight than the ABS suitcases. The interior of the hard shell large suitcase comes with a mesh pocket, zipper dividier and a cross strap so your luggage is secure whilst en route.

The 23kg suitcase comes with a YKK zipper that are usually only found on suitcases twice the price. The zipper uses 5 strand threads as opposed to 2 strands from most other brands in the same price range so you know that the Kono suitcase is top quality.

 All of our extra large light suitcase range have 4 wheels and come with a TSA lock which means your luggage is more secure whilst traveling. The 28 inch suitcase range we have for sale also comes with a 360 degree multi directional wheelbase. This makes it super easy to transport which is very important. The interior of the 4 wheel light large suitcase range is designed with a large zipped divider, which can be zipped up to split the contents into two, or left unzipped to maintain just the single storage compartment. And mesh zipper pocket for your small items.