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We are suppliers of suitcases here in the UK. We offer a range of high quality ABS and PP suitcases so no matter how often you travel we have the right fit for you. Our cabin suitcase range is suitable for British Airways, Jet2, Ryanair and Aer Lingus carry on luggage (as well as many other airlines!).

What should I look for when buying a suitcase?

There are a few key factors that one should consider when looking for the right suitcase for your needs. The first thing you will need to decide upon is what size of suitcase do you need. Are you looking for a cabin sized bag or are you looking for something that is a bit bigger in a medium bag. If it is a long journey you are undertaking then you made need an XL suitcase that can fit over 20kg of luggage in it. Perhaps you might need a full set of 3 suitcases if you are going on a family trip or if you are shopping for luggage to have for the long term.

All of our Kono hard case suitcases are light weight. This is important due to weight limits imposed by airlines. For example if you are only allowed bring 20kg of luggage which would be our 24 inch suitcase on a flight then the lighter tha actual suitcase itself the better. Our suitcases weigh beween 2kg - 3.5kg so they are super lightweight.

Durability is the next thing to look for. How long are you planning on traveling? If it is over 8 times per year thwen you may need to look at the Kono PP range. This range of suitcases is made out of polypropylene so they are more durable and can take more punishment than the traditional ABS suitcases.

We have a range of exrtra large 28 inch suitcases which are also hard shell polypropylene and very high quality. These bags will take more than 20kg so they are perfect for family or long trips away.

All of the Kono suitcases are designed to be hard shell, 4 wheel and lightweight suitcases. These are 3 main factors when to look for when shopping for a top quality suitcase. See our 4 wheel cabin suitcase and shop our huge range of colours online.

These are just some of things to conwidering when shopping for Kono luggage. If you have any questions please email us at sales@suitcasecity.